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How Do I Sell My House in Los Angeles Fast For Cash?

We Offer Cash For Houses in Los Angeles, CA

By using our vast knowledge about houses in all areas in the Los Angeles Metro, and by avoiding any 3rd parties (Agents, banks, inspectors, etc.), we can offer cash for homes in Los Angeles, California, and provide a very quick offer so you can sell your house fast for cash and make it a true hassle-free process for you.

  1. SUBMIT YOUR INFO – Fill out the short form so we can call you or call us at (323) 576-7224.
  2. GET A CASH OFFER – We’ll talk for about 7 minutes to better understand the condition and situation. Within just 7 minutes, we’ll evaluate the value of your house and present you with a cash offer for your LA home. If you prefer, we can also come and meet you at your property.
  3. CHOOSE YOUR CLOSING DATE – Our Transactions Coordinator will reach out to you and hold your hand all the way until we close and you get paid!

Find out if selling your house in Los Angeles fast for cash is the best solution for you.

Top Rated Home Buyers in Los Angeles

“Thanks so much to John and the We Buy LA team for helping me sell my home quickly! I didn’t have the time and money to deal with selling the home in the private market and John helped me and gave me a perfect offer! thank you again!

Becky K. [Los Angeles, CA]

So You Want To Sell Your House Fast For Cash, But How Do We Actually Purchase Houses This Way?

What follows next is a well-thought-out, fully detailed explanation of how the entire house acquisition process works from beginning to end of how to sell your LA house fast for cash. Please read through this as this will make you understand the entire process. We are fully transparent and we have nothing to hide.

So How Do You Make An Offer On A House?

The answer to this question might surprise you, but once you’ll understand it, you’ll realize that this is the best way to formulate offers, and they are always fair and based on the current market condition in Los Angeles, CA. We offer cash for houses in Los Angeles, and they are always FAIR!

Tell Me More!

With this process of making offers you are always getting a fair offer since it is based on other houses in the neighborhood that have been sold in a similar condition your property – You can’t beat that!

First, we will need to have a good understanding of the condition of your house. We’ll ask you a set of questions that will help us evaluate the cost of repairs and updates that are required in order to bring it to the current market condition.

Second, we will look for similar houses in the neighborhood (similar size, number of bedrooms, bathroom, etc.) that we’re recently sold in As-Is condition and are in a similar condition to your house (also known as “comparable sales”, or “comps”).
We always compare apples to apples. It doesn’t make sense to compare a fully renovated “like new” house with one that has not been updated for years.

Sell Your LA House Fast For Cash
As-Is House
Local Home Buyers in SF Bay Area
Renovated House (Believe it or not, this is the same house, just few months later)

Third, we take the average price per square foot of the As-Is comparable sales and apply it to your house – and Voila! Here’s your offer!

Courteous and Professional when discussing the details regarding the sale of the house. Very responsive to all inquiries and messages. Very reasonable estimates and negotiations. Honest businessman that always follows through and does what he says he will do. They took much stress out of the Probate process. They assisted me in locating a professional to get through probate process. This company is a rare gem combining trustworthiness, experience, professionalism and being treated as an individual that matters. You will be very satisfied when you do business with We Buy LA! Lucy O.

Lucy O. [Santa Ana, CA]

Top Rated Home Buyers in Los Angeles

OK, Now That I Got Your Offer – What’s Next?

The next step is to better understand your situation and your personal preferences in terms of selling.

What’s the current situation of the house? Is it rented/vacant/owner-occupied? We can tailor the best solution for your needs!

How soon would you like to close? Some people want to sell ASAP, some people need 90 days to move out – They all work! We are flexible with closing dates and we will make it as convenient as it can be for you!

What is the reason you’re looking to sell? In many cases we will be able to help you even more, whether it is helping you find a new place to live in or help in any other way we can – We can be very creative!

How Do We Move Forward?

We’ll explain to you about our process and what to expect – We want to make sure that any questions you may have are properly answered and any concerns you may have are properly addressed.

Next, once we have an agreement on price and terms – we will send you a written offer to your email. It is a very simple and easy to understand agreement that summarizes everything that we discussed and explained.

We will go over the agreement with you, just in case you have any questions. If you are OK with everything – you can accept the offer using your smartphone or your computer – whatever works for you! If you need more time – no problem! you have a written cash offer in hand and you can take your time – Our offer stands!

Top Rated Home Buyers in Los Angeles

I inherited a house in Beverly Hills from my mom, the house have been in the family for over 60 years and needed some major repairs. I called John and after a brief conversation we set up a time for him to come see the house. He made me a very fair offer and we closed the deal in 10 days. The process was very simple and effortless.

Jessica M. [Beverly Hills, CA]

Congrats! You Accepted Our Offer – Now What?

Congratulations! You just sold your house!

The next step would be that our amazing transactions coordinator will reach out to you. She will introduce herself and will send the agreement to the title company so they can start the title search.

The title company will also reach out to you in order to get the closing documents ready for closing.

From here on, our transactions coordinator will be your main point of contact and she will hold your hand all the way until we close and you get cash for your house!

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